Thorax- und hyperbare Chirurgie

The complexity of diseases requiring thoracic surgery requires the integration of many special disciplines. We offer the entire range of treatments that fall into the Anglo-American category of general thoracic surgery including lung surgery, esophageal surgery and surgery of the other thoracic organs. Through close cooperation with other special disciplines at the hospital, we guarantee optimal treatment of complex diseases.

We take a holistic approach in treating patients and take care of all problems, even those not related to the main diagnosis. To make it easier for them to manage the difficult situation that arises after they receive a serious diagnosis, psychological liaison services are available. Procedures in line with the latest international findings and developments in surgical technology are conducted using keyhole surgery whenever possible. The division performed 1,518 operations in 2019.

Our pressurized chamber is the only one in Austria and available for patients throughout the country. In emergency situations, the chamber can become operative within 20 minutes of an alert, and it is available year round and around the clock. 1,226 hyperbaric treatments (equaling 4,572 individual therapy sessions) took place at our division in 2019.

The uniqueness and the added value of our division are the result of the symbiosis between patient care, research and education. The division is jointly operated by the Medical University of Graz and the Styrian Hospital Association (KAGes). This interdisciplinary cooperation between both providers at the University Hospital Graz site is also reflected on our website. More information on patient care can be found at the University Hospital Graz website.