Thorax- und hyperbare Chirurgie

The Division of Thoracic and Hyperbaric Surgery offers the complete range of services available in this specialty area. This includes surgical treatment of diseases of the lungs, esophagus, mediastinal cavity, pleura and chest wall as well as endoscopic diagnostics and endoscopic therapy. Our area primarily deals with tumors but also covers inflammation, functional disorders, injuries and malformations. We serve the region and—when there are complex problems—areas beyond. 

Our pressurized oxygen chamber is the only one in Austria and the largest of its kind in Central Europe. The state-of-the-art medical technology and chamber dimensions permit treatment of up to 20 outpatients or two severely ill intensive care patients at a time. We offer therapy for all indications recognized by international professional societies to patients from outside our region.

Our research includes experimental, translational and clinical topics that we develop with an interdisciplinary team or our industrial partners. We see research-led teaching as an integral component of future-oriented development.

Freyja-Maria Smolle-Jüttner

"Top quality in medicine involves conducting a constant scientific analysis of the status quo, taking up problems and developing creative approaches to solving them. Our mission is to live according to this maxim every day for our patients and pass it on to our students."

Freyja-Maria Smolle-Jüttner, Head of Division


Auenbruggerplatz 29/3, 8036 Graz 
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